Synthetic Fire

LUEDER Researches medieval armour based on the desire of shielding and a longing for spiritualism acted as rituals which they call mental armour.

Lueder embraces amateurism. That is to say in relation to gender, bodies, idols, professionalism and emotions, so that one might be able to restructure and regenerate.


Jogger Skort Camo

Jogger skort off white

Jogger skort in off white is made in the UK from 100% cotton

made in UK

SLAM JAM x LUEDER Sunday Ritual

On occasion of@milanfashionweekwe presented our SS23 Synthetic Fire collection at bar@lachiesetta, a former church build 1000years ago in Milan’s China town. The event took place on the 15th of Jan with a special performance by two vape trixxters from milan@dellatorre.g@_dave_vapor_, accompanied by “medieval dreams (chants)” a medieval soundtrack selected and composed by Lubomir Grzelak, also well know under the alias of@lubomirgrzelak. The concept behind this was the idea of creating a ritual portraying vape tricksters as the new priests stems from LUEDERs desire to find spirituality and meaning.
Thank you for making this possible and for the invite@cacacis@slamjam@giad700

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The idea of the Amateur originating of the french word “armour” for to love.

Amateurs, who are of surviving the daily life by not being professional but passionate. 

Seeking not knowing, and the journey to knowledge, the asking for information and through that -communicating with other people, rather than isolating, as the final goal of investigation in life.

A constant transition and adapting to world changes and chances.

The amateur traverses life not as a professional but as a lover, equipped with not much more than a coarse passion for what lies before him. Seeking rather than knowing, asking rather than answering, his journey to knowledge becomes an exercise in communication. His incompetence belies a profound desire for human connection.

Must those who love then forever be amateurs? 


SS23 Synthetic Fire

LUEDER SS23 feature in Dazed Magazine


Synthetic Fire, combined Lueder’s affinity for sportswear-informed silhouettes and finishes with subversive flourishes: trousers were hacked at the inseam to become floor-length, split skirts, while boxy tees were spliced together with fragments of fabric, many bearing abstracted prints designed by artist Jack Jubb.

Emma Elizabeth Davidson, Dazed Magazine

The designer’s signature, swirled pattern-cutting was on proud show here, with bombers, recomposed T-shirts and even denim skirts made up of artfully assembled coils of fabric. The assumptions around particular textiles and visual textures were challenged, banker-y pinstripe poplins used for fitted windbreakers with bulbous sleeves, and shirts worn unbuttoned with dip-dyed hems. 

MAHORO SEWARD , i-D Magazine